Why choose sejong?

Frequently Asked Questions about Korean Immersion Education

Why should I choose Korean language for my child's immersion education?

Choosing a Korean immersion education for your student gives him/her a competitive edge to participate in the global economy. 

South Korea is one of the world’s wealthiest nations. It is a member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and G-20 major economies. In 2010 South Korea become the first Asian country to chair the G20 and host the G20 Seoul Summit. South Korea's market economy ranks 15th in the world by nominal GDP and 12th by purchasing power parity. It is still one of the fastest growing developed countries. 

South Korean's semiconductor, automobile, shipbuilding, steel making, and IT industries are on the leading edge in global markets. South Korea is home to Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Kia, Hyundai Heavy Industries (#1 shipbuilder in the world), and Posco (3rd largest steel manufacturer in the world). 

Even here in MN, South Korea is significant. South Korea is Minnesota's sixth-largest export market, up from fourteenth just one decade ago. South Korea, which offers significant economic opportunities for Minnesota manufactured goods and for agriculture and service exporters, is a source of growing demand. Recognizing this, The first trade mission of Governor Dayton’s administration was to South Korea. In 2011, Governor Dayton led a delegation of 24 Minnesota business, agriculture and academic leaders on a trade mission to South Korea. The delegation traveled to Seoul to promote trade and investment with South Korea, as well as to support Minnesota companies currently doing business in the country. EarthClean, a clean technology company, signed their first international distributor agreement on the trip. 

Also, significant populations of Koreans live all over the world: Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, Russia and the former USSR, as well as the United States; and some 75 million people worldwide speak Korean. 

Even on the international sports stage, Korea is a recognized player, having hosted the 1988 Seoul Olympics and the 2002 FIFA World Cup. 

I can’t read Hangeul and don’t speak Korean. How can I help my child with homework?

Many parents of Sejong students will not be experienced in the Korean language. Homework, especially in the early elementary levels will be given in English to support the concepts taught in the classroom and to help ensure that students develop the English vocabulary to be able to discuss what they are learning in both languages. Sejong is also committed to helping families connect with Korean-American community resources, including language-learning and other cultural enrichment opportunities.

My child will be not be able to begin in Kindergarten. Isn't 5th or 6th grade too late to begin at an immersion school?

Although Kindergarten is the best time to start in an immersion program to ensure the highest possible level of bilingual proficiency, there is still much to benefit from when entering a language immersion program in 1st, 2nd, 3rd or even 4th - 6th grades. There is much support in the literature that children's minds are still flexible and open to learning languages easily through age 12. The board of Sejong Academy, with the advice of education and immersion experts in Minnesota and across the country, is developing a curriculum that will support the language and educational needs of all students at each grade level.

Sejong Academy's list of interested families already includes a good number of children at all grades levels, including the upper grades, and the number of students enrolling this month is growing daily. Please enroll your children today so that Sejong Academy can make informed decisions for opening this fall.

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