Study Link

  1. Miss Kim's YouTube Channel: Korean Language Learning Resources for Kindergarten
  2. Reading Eggs: Reading Program for Kindergarten (Goal: Finish all 12 maps by mid-year)
  3. Study Island: Math & Reading Program for K-8 (Goal: Finish Math 2007 & ELA standards at their grade level)
  4. Duolingo: Supplementary Korean Language Instruction


Sejong Academy's goal is to support equitable opportunities for all students to learn and achieve Minnesota's high content and academic standards by:

  • implementing academically sound and research-based curriculum and teaching models (see below),
  • offering all students instruction in a foreign language (Korean) through immersion techniques,
  • supporting English learners' native language literacy in order to reinforce English,
  • providing developmentally appropriate English language, special education and gifted and talented services to those who qualify,
  • offering professional development in all program areas to all teachers and staff through regular Professional Learning Community meetings and training workshops and conferences, and
  • hiring highly qualified teachers and administrative staff who are passionate about Sejong Academy's mission and vision.

Click on the links below to learn more about Sejong Academy's Math, Reading and Character Development curriculum.

Educational Services

As a charter school, Sejong Academy has the ability to adjust its program to meet the needs of its students. Based on our current population, we are staffed and prepared to provide the following services:

  1. English Learner Education services
  2. Special Education services
  3. Gifted and Talented Education services


More information on the above services is coming soon as the board and staff work with experts to ensure the most sound programs possible. If you have questions about any of Sejong Academy's programs or services, please contact Brad Tipka, Executive Director, at or at 651-330-6944.