Sejong Korean Immersion Curriculum

Sejong Academy offers different modes of Korean immersion experience for students depending  on age and developmental stages that are developed by our own educators with full compliance to the Minnesota State Standards. We also offer music and physical education classes infused Korean culture. Currently we offer Taekwondo and Samulnori (Korean Percussion Ensemble) as part of our regular curriculum. We also offer many seasonal extra-curricular act ivies such as Korean traditional theater and Advanced Taekwondo.



Sejong's Pre-K program is a fee-based academic Pre-K program, approved by the Minnesota Department of Education. We are excited to add this program to help get our students ready for further study in Korean and English in Kindergarten. Instruction will be primarily in English with enrichment lessons and classroom language in Korean.

  • School Year: The Pre-K program follows our Sejong Academy school calendar, usually late August to late June the following year with breaks in between.

  • Age: Students must turn four (4) by September 1 of the corresponding school year.

  • Time: Classes go from 8:30AM to 2:30PM.

  • Meals: Free breakfast and lunch provided each school day.

  • Enrollment: Please fill out the Sejong enrollment form online and submit the follow-up forms to us. Our Pre-K program follows Sejong Academy's enrollment policy.

  • Tuition: $400 per month during the school year from August-June. We will charge a flat fee of $400 even though some months have fewer school days. If a student qualify for free or reduced lunch, their tuition will be free or reduced by the same percentage.

Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

Our Kindergarten and first grade program provides 100% Korean immersion curriculum, developed by our own educators that complies fully with Minnesota State Standards. Then starting from 2-3rd grade English Language Arts is introduced to the curriculum that brings the level of Korean immersion to about 80%. Our Korean language curriculum rubric is available online.



4th Grade

Starting 4th grade, the immersion level is dropped to about 50% with all the instructional language is still in Korean but the content is taught mostly in English. The regular curriculum will include a standalone Korean Language class.


5th grade through high school

5th grade and beyond, we offer a standalone Korean Language class with the rest of the curriculum content taught in English. Our Korean Language and Culture focus is then infused into our regular curriculum.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Sejong offers several seasonal Korean cultural and athletic extra-curricular activities. These include advanced Taekwondo, Korean Dance and Korean Traditional Theater, running club, soccer, volleyball and basketball to name a few. Students who participate must maintain a good academic standing or will be suspended from activities and given extra help before resuming. Click the button below for details.