Our Partners


Camp Choson

Camp Choson is a Korean culture camp designed for Korean-American children, youth and their families.  Camp was originally started for Korean adoptees, but has grown to include Korean-Americans from all family backgrounds.  Camp Choson is held annually, typically over the Fourth of July week. 

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Korean Quarterly

Korean Quarterly is a non-profit quarterly newspaper, written by and about the Korean American community of the Twin Cities and upper Midwest, including first and second generation Korean Americans and their families (including non-Korean family members), adopted Koreans and their families, and bi-racial/bi-cultural Korean American people.


Korean Heritage House

Korean Heritage House was created for Korean adoptees and their families to meet and celebrate Korean heritage all year around. Sejong's Korean drum instructor, Brooke Newmaster, is part of this organization.


The Sanneh Foundation

The Sanneh Foundation serves the holistic youth development needs of the increasingly diverse Twin Cities metro area. They have supported Sejong by supplying PE specialists and help running our soccer team program.


The Unniversity of Minnesota Center for Community-Engaged Learning

The Center for Community-Engaged Learning works with partners to provide opportunities for U of M students to engage in off-campus experiential learning through community work and place-based educational programs. Whether academically-based or co-curricular, these experiences complement classroom learning, foster personal, professional and civic development, and allow students to work with others to enhance the well-being of our communities. Most of Sejong's volunteers come from referral from this center.